Benjamin Thomas

A highly experienced, London based cinematographer, with an accomplished portfolio of both commercial and narrative work. 

Ben operates all high-end camera equipment, and works alongside an incredible team of focus-pullers and gaffers.

He owns a wide array of kit: including the Alexa Mini LF.

Born: 1984 London, UK

Masters in Filmmaking: 2007-2010 @ The London Film School, UK

BA (Hons) in Fine Art: 2003-2006 @ Central Saint Martins, University of The Arts London, UK

Mob: +44 7745 510 788 


TV Commercials:

‘Everything you wanted, Nothing you expected: QM2’ (Cunard) – Giles Smith, Alpha Century, 2018 

‘Give a F*ck’ (Durex) – Luke Taylor, Atomized, 2018 

‘Big Bang Unico Golf with Dustin Johnson’ (Hublot) – James Moore, Make Films, 2018 

‘The Giordano Family - Vongole’ (Iceland) – Ollie Murray, KREAM, 2017 

‘The Giordano Family - Steak’ (Iceland) – Ollie Murray, KREAM, 2017 

‘Belong Anywhere’ (airbnb) – Elisha Smith-Leverock, Markenfilm Hamburg Gmbh, 2016 

‘Even Santa Needs a Holiday’ (Go Euro) – Elisha Smith-Leverock, Markenfilm Berlin Gmbh, 2016 

‘£2 Means...’ (Cancer Research UK)  – Sam Rowland, Indy8, 2016

‘Toffifee Junge Märkte’ (Toffifee) – Will van der Vlugt, blmfilm, 2016

‘Mum and Baby’ (Boots Ireland) – Rohan Blair-Mangat, Iconoclast, 2016

‘The Moment We Met Iceland’ (Iceland) – Ollie Murray, KREAM, 2016

‘I am Team GB’ (National Lottery) – Mike Baldwin, ITN, 2016 

‘Own Business Day’ (METRO) – Stuart Charles Douglas, blmfilm, 2016

‘Happy Streichzart’ (Arla Kaergarden) – Christiane Brunner-Schwer, blmfilm, 2016

‘Earth Hour 2016’(SKY) – Bradley Reiman, SKY, 2016

‘Numbers’ (Diet Chef) – Jon Stevens, Greenroom Films, 2015

‘Match Day’ (Bwin) – Rohan Blair-Mangat, Stink, 2015

‘Wilde Küche’ (McDonald’s) – Elisha Smith-Leverock, Tempomedia, 2015

‘LIDL: FRANCE’ (LIDL) – Elisha Smith-Leverock, JO!SCHMID, 2014

‘LIDL: 300’ (LIDL) – Elisha Smith-Leverock, JO!SCHMID, 2014

‘Shopping with Mum’ (This is Edinburgh) – Rohan Blair-Mangat, Greenroom Films

‘Day out with Dad’ (This is Edinburgh) – Rohan Blair-Mangat, 2014

‘The Northern Belle: A day like no other’ (Orient Express) – Jon Stanford, 2013 

‘Perfect Moment’ (Luna Milk) – Nick Losse and Steve Dalton, Not To Scale, 2013

‘A Word To The Wise’ (TK Maxx, 2ndUnit DOP) – Rohan Blair-Mangat, Stink, 2013 

‘New Fiat 500L’ (Fiat, 2ndUnit DOP) – Steve Scott, Not To Scale, 2013

‘Rexona: Do Dance’ (Sure) – Rohan Blair-Mangat, Stink, 2012 

‘We Want Piers Bramhall’ (Visit Wales) – Luke Taylor, Big Balls Films, 2011 

‘Sara Kempe: Let Me Fly’ (Virgin Records) – Louis Ellison, EMI, 2011 


'Building A Stronger Britain Together: Bradford' (Home Office) – Matthew Maude, Just So Films, 2019

‘The A-Z of Modern Girlhood’ (Disney) – Lucy Luscombe, Caviar, 2018 

‘Dying To Meet You’ (ULLAC) – Jim Pilling, Vidsett, 2018 

‘Give a F*ck’ (Durex) – Luke Taylor, Atomized, 2018 

‘Meerkat Meals’ (comparethemarket) – Luke Taylor, Atomized, 2018 

‘Living Well Together’ (Bosch) – Johny Mourgue, Spindle, 2018 

‘Dare the Unknown’ (Palladium) – Vivek Vadoliya, Protein, 2018 

‘More For You’ (O2) – Mike Baldwin, Habana Creative, 2016 

‘Represent’ (NHS Give Blood) – Rohan Blair-Mangat, Iconoclast, 2016 

‘Sony MDR-1000X’ (Sony) – Cass Burcher, Habana, 2016

‘Travel Back’ (airbnb) – Elisha Smith-Leverock, Markenfilm Crossing, 2016

‘Future Generations’ (Avon) – Poppy de Villeneuve, Partizan, 2016

‘#WEcount’ (Women’s Equality Party) – Lucy Luscombe, Caviar, 2016 

‘English Language Oracy’ (BBC Bitesize Wales) – George Lewison, Somethin’ Else, 2016 

‘Louis Meets Drogba/Bean to Bar’ (KIT KAT/Nestlé) – Ollie Mullay, My Accomplice, 2015 

‘Magical Mystery Christmas Tour’ (M&S) – Giorgio Bruni, Stink, 2015 

‘Beyond the Game’ (Enterprise) – Poppy de Villeneuve, Partizan, 2015

‘Darkstar: The Days Burn Blue’ (Random Acts) – Lucy Luscombe, Caviar, 2015

‘A Return to L’isola di Sleepy Jones‘ (Sleepy Jones) – Oscar Boyson, Oh Boy, 2015

‘Atomic Bomb: William Onyeabor’  – Oscar Boyson, Canvas, 2015

‘A French Story’ (Hyatt) – Poppy de Villeneuve, Partizan, 2015

‘Horse Drawn Horse’ (GWR) – Jon Stanford, 2015

‘When I see you, I see me’ (Adidas) – Rohan Blair-Mangat, Stink, 2015

‘Female Athletes – Fatma Al Nabhani’ (Nike i-D) – Poppy de Villeneuve, Partizan, 2015

‘Clean & Clear: I see the real you’ – Clare Cassidy, Little Dot Studios, 2014

‘EUROFAN: Chelsea v Galatasaray’ (Copa 90) – Luke Taylor, Big Balls Films, 2014

‘iTunes Festival 2013: Lady Gaga’ (Apple) – Davi Russo, Radical Media, 2013

‘TUI Holidays: Sharm el-Sheikh’(Thompson) – Gavin Rowe, Big Balls Films, 2013

‘Destination Christmas’ (Selfridges) – Laurie Lynch, Rokkit, 2013

‘Battle of the Balls’ (Lucozade Sport) – Chris Reed, Big Balls Films, 2013

‘Breaking Bad Viral’ (Sony Entertainment) – Lyle Lindgren, 2013

‘Ritz Madrid’ (Orient Express) – Jon Stanford, 2013

‘#denimlovers’ (Selfridges) – Rohan Blair-Mangat, Rokkit, 2013

‘Shangaan Electro’ (Dazed & Confused) – Rohan Blair-Mangat, 2013

‘SPYKER C8 Aileron’ (Mr Porter) – Rohan Blair-Mangat, Giant Film & TV, 2013

‘SLOWEAR: Incotex’ (Mr Porter) – Aaron Christian, 2013

‘Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Istanbul’ (Dazed & Confused) – Rohan Blair-Mangat, 2013

‘Google Baby’ (Google) – Nathan Prince and Oliver Davies, Not To Scale, 2013 

‘Watch and Learn’ (Lucozade) – Adam Gendle, Big Balls Films, 2013

‘Crumbs’ Season 1 & 2 – Lewis Georgeson, All3Media, 2012-2013

‘Amphibiox: Cherrapunjee, The Rainiest Place On Earth’ (Geox) – Rohan Blair-Mangat, Stink Digital, 2012

**Winner of Silver Lion for ‘Photography’ at Cannes Lions 2013**

‘Marble Punch’ (Kenzo) – Carl Burgess and Thomas Traum, 2012

‘The Shake Squad’ Yazoo Virals – Gav Rowe, Big Balls Films, 2012

‘Meet Kenneth’ (Kenco) – Gav Rowe, Big Balls Films, (2ndUnit DOP) 2012

‘Team Samsung’ (Samsung) – Pedro De la Fuente, Big Balls Films 2012

‘Emeli Sandé: Her Version of Events’ – Louis Ellison, EMI, 2012 

‘Nivea: Great Football Experiment’ (complete campaign) – Sam Rowland, Big Balls Films, 2010-12 

‘Lumia Amazings: Berlin’ (Nokia) – Gav Rowe, Big Balls Films, 2011 

‘True Power’ (Playstation/Tom Clancy’s End War) – Karell Van Bellingen, 2011

‘Stop Acting’ (Bench) – Pedro De la Fuente, Big Balls Films, 2011

‘Videographer’ (Canon) – Carl Burgess, Plush, 2011

‘Own The Game’ (Adidas) – Rohan Blair-Mangat, Big Balls Films, 2010 

Feature Films:

‘The Boombox Project’ – Rohan Blair-Mangat, 2017, Colour, Digital (Red Dragon)

‘Halfway’ – Ben Caird, 2016, Colour, Digital (Arri Amira)

**Nominated for ‘Discovery Award’ at British Independent Film Awards 2017**

‘Long Forgotten Fields’ – Jon Stanford, 2016, Colour, Digital (Arri Alexa)

**Nominated for ‘Best UK Feature’ at Raindance Film Festival 2016**

Music Promos:

‘Mind’, Mark Doe – Omar Blair-Mangat, Rocket Entertainment, 2018

‘Angels on My Side’, Rick Astley – Mike Baldwin, Rolling Bear, 2016

‘Green Light’, Mista Silva – Hakatan, Banana Stand, 2014

‘Dibby Dibby Sound’, DJ Fresh vs Jay Fay feat. Ms Dynamite – The Sacred Egg, Riff Raff Films, 2013

‘You and Me’, Disclosure feat. Eliza Dolittle – Luke Monaghan, Rokkit, 2013 

‘Wild Things’, Mali Michael – Yoni Lappin, Rokkit, 2013 

‘Close’, Will Saul – Nathan Prince and Oliver Davies, Silent Studios, 2013

‘Glass Heart Tour Visuals’, Leona Lewis – Judy Jacob, 2013

‘Can you hear me?’, Wiley feat. Skepta, JME & Ms D – Rohan Blair-Mangat, Rokkit, 2012

‘Shot You Down’, Florrie – Tom Gallon, Rokkit, 2012

‘Heatwave’, Wiley feat. Ms D - Rohan Blair-Mangat, Rokkit, 2012

‘First of my Kind’, Miles Kane – Tom Gallon, Rokkit, 2012 

‘Feeling It Baby’, Sean Paul ft. Segarra & Erick Morillo – George Tsioutsias, Subliminal Records, 2012

‘Ill Manors’, Plan B (2ndUnit DOP) – Yann Demange, Stink, 2012

‘Emeli Sandé: Live at Air Edel Studios’ – Louis Ellison, EMI, 2012

‘Morning Parade: Live Sessions’ – Louis Ellison, EMI, 2012

‘Overjoyed’(acoustic), Bastille – Louis Ellison, EMI, 2012 

‘Better Than A BMX’, Hervé – Rohan Blair-Mangat, Rokkit, 2012

‘If This Aint Love’, Erick Morillo & Eddie Thoneick feat. Skin – George Tsioutsias, TÉAR, 2011


‘Pagans’ – Lucy Luscombe, Caviar, 2018 (RED HELIUM)

‘Shadow Walker’ – Simran Sidhu, 2012, Colour, Super 16 (Arriflex SR3)

‘Farmhand’ – Ben Caird, 2012, DSLR (Canon 5Dii)

**Winner of ‘Best Cinematography’ award at Downtown Los Angeles Film Festival 2013**

‘Saturday’ – David Anderson, 2011, Colour, Digital (Arri Alexa)

‘Flower’ – Rohan Blair-Mangat, 2010, DSLR (Canon 5Dii)

‘Henry Potter’ – Lou Yue, 2010, Colour 35mm (Panaflex Gold)

‘Lingering’ – Anand Madabushi, 2009, Colour 16mm (Aarton XTR Prod)

Camera Operator:

‘The Sound Effect’ (BOSE) – Rohan Blair-Mangat, Iconoclast, 2015

‘BEATS: Unleash the Battle’ (APPLE) – Luke Monaghan, BOLD, 2014

‘The Castle’ – Ben Caird, 2009, B&W, 35mm (Moviecam)